Video on Demand & Money!

VOD…Easy & Profitable

Some form of social media presence is a must have for any successful business in 2017. How you digitally connect with your customers may vary, depending on who your audience is…but digitally connect you must!

For generations companies hired salespeople to connect with clients and demonstrate products in person. Recruiters worked tirelessly to find charismatic talent; salespeople who could not only capture the customer’s attention but those who could also convey themselves and the companies they represented as trustworthy. These sales super stars were a rare breed and were traditionally paid well for their talents.

Being only human, these sales super heroes did have limitations though. Their best presentations could only get in front of so many clients or customers each week. Even the guys killing themselves working into the evenings and weekends still had a physical number limit of executed presentations. Getting customers engaged in demos and presentations led to sales. Less presentations equaled less sales!

Time machine forward to the age of social and engagement marketing strategies and you now find companies profiting from video on demand. Businesses are keeping the same strategy of getting engaging presentations and product demos in front of their buyers but now; they’re reaching countless more potential buyers. Gone are “the old days” when salespeople were trudging through large geographic territories hoping to grow their customer base. Today’s videos are also retaining continuity and brand message in ways that were impossible to expect from a human being. It’s not likely that Joe Salesguy could give a Monday morning presentation and a Friday late afternoon pitch with the same level of energy and enthusiasm. With VOD you’ve captured the Best presentation and it stays the best, all week, all month, all year…you get the point. You’ve technologically cloned your best salesperson!!

Now for the easy part!

Laika allows you to share a demo or presentation video on your social media sites or from your website… wherever it makes sense for your business. The video player itself is brand-able, so no more YouTube or Facebook labels or off brand landing pages to distract your potential clients.  There are customizable buttons allowing your clientele the choice to view more videos, be directed to another branded digital site and/or purchase your product or service right from Laika!  There is no other streaming/vod software on the market that can offer these extensive features for the same great pricing as Laikasteam.

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