Use Laika to Put More $$$ in Your Pocket!

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur you know that every day begins and ends with profit. Two ways to add more to your spreadsheet’s bottom line are generating more revenue and or, cutting back on spending. There are strategies for accomplishing either or both of those with live streaming and video-on- demand.

Let’s start with ways you can make money:

  1. Teach or Host a Class

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You can create and sell a “How To” course on just about any subject. Cooking, knitting, real estate, personal growth and development, how to fly a drone…you name it. While you are reading this, there is an online class being offered on almost any subject you can imagine and the smart cookie who took the initiative to offer it, is collecting the dough! Udemy, an industry leader, offers 45,000 classes with over 15 million learners. In 2016 Forbes magazine touted the Ed Tech industry as raking in 107 billion dollars. You know you want a piece of that! The Laika platform can help you easily and affordably translate your individual talent into a money making venture. Create and market the content and thirsty learners will come!

  1. Sporting Events

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Everyone knows that big name boxers make millions of dollars via pay per view. Using the same concept, your minor league sports team can generate extra revenue from fans that can’t make the game. Or, what about kid’s sports? It may not equate to millions but what youth sporting organization couldn’t use the extra money that Grandma and Grandpa would pay to watch the game live from their condo in Florida? You could also sell a subscription to the season via video –on- demand for those fans and parents that want to replay the magic moments.

  1. Concerts

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Just think…you never have to be truly “sold out” again! If you are booking small venues while working toward your big break, monetize and stream the event with Laika. This also gives you a larger geographical marketing reach. You can create brand recognition anywhere because your fans will be able to attend the performance remotely. You can charge the pay per viewers and then also have the video-on-demand option to use clips for your website, social media and other online advertising.

Now for saving money:

  1. Corporate Seminars & Training

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Bringing employees to a conference or training session can be hugely expensive. The cost of airfare, hotels, meals etc., not to mention the dollars lost in productivity because of travel time! Why not bring the event to your people? Save money by live streaming the event and have the option to create a library of video-on – demand training for continuing education and reference.

  1. Free Videos

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You may be at a place in your venture where it makes more sense to offer your service or talent for free. Perhaps you’re growing your social media or blog following, or you are reaching out to other influencers in an attempt to better market your product. Utilizing Laika at this phase in your business development is brilliant and will save you marketing dollars. Recent statistics say that a video on Facebook has 135% more organic reach than a photo. Google says, “Over half of 18 to 34 year old YouTube subscribers would drop what they were doing to watch a new video by their favorite creator.” You don’t just want video for your marketing plan, you need video!

With more than 500 million hours of video being watched on Youtube each day and 87% of online marketers using video…you don’t want to get left behind. Whether your current need is to generate revenue or cut costs (or a combination of both) we can help. Go to and sign up today!