How Do I Create a Live Streaming Strategy?

Start by letting go and having fun! Brands need to connect with today’s consumer in a more personal and transparent way than ever before. As buyers, we are sophisticated and connected to “anywhere, anytime” via the web on a host of mobile devices. This constant connection has turned us into a more fickle group of spenders. Because of the countless hours we spend cruising the Internet, we are under a continual rain shower of advertising. Millions of companies trying with banner ads and social media posts, to pull our eyes and attention to their products or services. Our brains will filter out most attempts and we will naturally be drawn to “what we know.” This makes brand transparency a lucrative new currency. Customers want to see “behind the curtain” and they want to buy from companies they trust.

Polished, professionally produced video will always have a place in your marketing strategy. One of the draws of live streaming however, is the immediate, human connection and, let’s be real here…none of us are perfectly polished 100% of the time! Brands that are able to let go and “be human” are going to be the winners with this valuable selling tool.

Here are some tips to help you establish a solid start:

  1. Have a goal but don’t “over produce.”

Whether you are hosting a customer Q & A or launching a new product demonstration, don’t be afraid of imperfection. Yes, you want your efforts to translate to $$ spent, but keep it real and the connections you make will convert to more loyal customers. Really listen to your customers and if they have a question you don’t know the answer to, tell them you will get back to them with an answer off line.

  1. Show your customers that you care.

The strength and success of social media has erupted from connection and authenticity. We all want to feel seen and heard. Voice to your customers how much you value them in your streaming. If you can use first names and share stories of actual customer interactions… even better. Establishing a relationship before attempting to sell has always been a powerful strategy.

  1. Utilize your biggest fans as brand ambassadors.

Highlight your most engaged customers in your live streaming. Invite them to share personal stories and thank them publically. You can also use this “share the spotlight” technique with stellar employees and or other vendors or business partners. Get together with similar, non-competing businesses and trade off inviting your social media audiences to each other’s live events.


And, we will end where we started… Have fun! Don’t be afraid to ditch the script if you have an engaged, excited audience and they’ve asked a host of questions that have taken you in an unexpected direction. The power of live streaming is in the real-time, conversational connection. The most successful brands of the future will take a risk and trust in their ability to show their sense of humor should things turn “less than perfect.” Customers don’t expect perfection…they just want to know the real you!