How Do I Create a Live Streaming Strategy?

Start by letting go and having fun! Brands need to connect with today’s consumer in a more personal and transparent way than ever before. As buyers, we are sophisticated and connected to “anywhere, anytime” via the web on a host of mobile devices. This constant connection has turned us into a more fickle group of spenders. Because of the countless hours we spend cruising the Internet, we are under a continual rain shower of advertising. Millions of companies trying with banner ads and social media posts, to pull our eyes and attention to their products or services. Our brains will filter out most attempts and we will naturally be drawn to “what we know.” This makes brand transparency a lucrative new currency. Customers want to see “behind the curtain” and they want to buy from companies they trust.

Polished, professionally produced video will always have a place in your marketing strategy. One of the draws of live streaming however, is the immediate, human connection and, let’s be real here…none of us are perfectly polished 100% of the time! Brands that are able to let go and “be human” are going to be the winners with this valuable selling tool.

Here are some tips to help you establish a solid start:

  1. Have a goal but don’t “over produce.”

Whether you are hosting a customer Q & A or launching a new product demonstration, don’t be afraid of imperfection. Yes, you want your efforts to translate to $$ spent, but keep it real and the connections you make will convert to more loyal customers. Really listen to your customers and if they have a question you don’t know the answer to, tell them you will get back to them with an answer off line.

  1. Show your customers that you care.

The strength and success of social media has erupted from connection and authenticity. We all want to feel seen and heard. Voice to your customers how much you value them in your streaming. If you can use first names and share stories of actual customer interactions… even better. Establishing a relationship before attempting to sell has always been a powerful strategy.

  1. Utilize your biggest fans as brand ambassadors.

Highlight your most engaged customers in your live streaming. Invite them to share personal stories and thank them publically. You can also use this “share the spotlight” technique with stellar employees and or other vendors or business partners. Get together with similar, non-competing businesses and trade off inviting your social media audiences to each other’s live events.


And, we will end where we started… Have fun! Don’t be afraid to ditch the script if you have an engaged, excited audience and they’ve asked a host of questions that have taken you in an unexpected direction. The power of live streaming is in the real-time, conversational connection. The most successful brands of the future will take a risk and trust in their ability to show their sense of humor should things turn “less than perfect.” Customers don’t expect perfection…they just want to know the real you!

10 Profitable Reasons to Live Stream Your Event

  1. No Geographic Restrictions

The sky’s the limit! Your concert, class, or corporate meeting could have a world –wide audience; there are no capacity limitations. Even if you reduce the ticket price for the online participants, you are still adding exponentially to your bottom line.

  1. Alternate Streams of Revenue

Offer to live stream on the websites of business partners and get them to monetarily sponsor your event. Give brand influencers a free ticket to attend in exchange for sharing the experience with their followers. Sharing fans and followers through collaboration is a win-win for everybody!

  1. Engage “Silent” Fans

Statistics are showing up to 50% percent of folks who are live streaming an event have never physically attended an event in the past. This is a great way to capture and engage fans who may never have shown themselves.

  1. Provide a Valuable Service

There are fans and customers who, for a myriad of reasons, cannot physically make it to your event. Perhaps they have financial constraints or physical disabilities. You can be instrumental in sharing a valuable message or appreciated entertainment with good people who would have missed the opportunity. Look for opportunities to share and re-purpose personal stories on your social media channels.

  1. Increase Your Social Media Audience

Your virtual attendees are Internet savvy consumers. If they aren’t your social media “Friends” they will be and if they are followers use their attendance to deepen the connection and create online buzz. Be sure to capture the opportunity to thank individuals who make the effort to comment on your event.

  1. Get Instant Feedback

Forget hiring expensive market research companies to do follow up surveys. Ask your virtual event attendees to give you feedback on the spot.

  1. Archive and Repurpose

Create a recorded version of the event and archive it to watch again and again. This can be valuable for those unable to attend and can be invaluable for classes and corporate seminars. You can also repurpose segments of the recorded video on your social media channels.

  1. Increased Future Attendance

Up to 30% of virtual viewers have attended the same event the next year. Utilize this knowledge by keeping in touch with these new fans and personally inviting them to future events.

  1. Save Thousands of Dollars on Travel Costs

With employees and business partners living all around the globe, companies can save on air and car travel expenses. And remember, “time is money”… so there’s that as well!

  1. A Sense of Urgency

Consumers always want what they can’t have. Just like the stampede at Christmas time for the last fad toy of the year, you can create more revenue with a “one time only” event. If your event is happening only once, you can create online buzz and increase your attendees because of its unique “now or never” draw.

5 Ways to Humanize your Brand with Video

Do you want to build and strengthen the relationship you have with your customers? Marketing with video is your golden ticket. Facebook statistics alone are proof that consumers are paying attention and engaging with brands via video. In the spring of 2015, Facebook Video had 4 billion views per day. By the fall of that same year the number had doubled to 8 billion. Currently the video views have been reported at 32 billion per day and growing; with live streaming video being watched 3 times longer than the recorded version. Whether you incorporate video on demand or live streaming into your marketing strategy, there will be a pay off.

Realizing that video is crucial to your marketing plan you’ll also want a strategy that connects your brand to your consumer in a warm, friendly way. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind as you roll the camera:

  1. People Love to Laugh

For most brands, a little self-deprecating humor goes a long way…especially if you’ve suffered a bad review. Folks who can poke fun at themselves are endearing and many big brands have successfully used this same tactic. Microsoft made fun if its own outdated Internet Explorer, and the community ate it up. Keep things lite and upbeat when conversing with your customers during a live stream and look for opportunities to show the human side of your brand.

  1. Own Your Mistakes

People make mistakes, companies make mistakes…we all make mistakes. Consumers are far more forgiving to brands that show transparency with an offer to make things right. Take that creative solution to a new level with a video. Your customers will appreciate your candor and view you as brave and caring.

  1. Everyone Enjoys a Surprise

With video as a tool there is no reason to let things get stale on your social media channels. Remember when Morton’s Steakhouse surprised Peter Shankman at the airport with a steak? Peter had tweeted that he wished he could get a porterhouse steak at the Newark Airport, tagging Morton’s in the message and playfully asking them if they would deliver. Morton’s grabbed the opportunity and showed up at the airport with a steak! Those fun, out-of-the-box opportunities don’t show up everyday but you can use video to surprise your fans and loyal followers with special offers or timed discounts.

  1. Engage in Conversation

Live stream is the perfect conduit to engage with your client base. Today’s customer wants to be heard and they are showing up in droves to live streaming events. Have a new product launch or company announcement coming up? Live stream and get feed back as a soft launch before the official date. You can also let your audience be present for exciting real-time announcements. Not only will you build momentum through the excitement of a live audience you will also strengthen the loyalty and bond your brand has with its customers. Being invited to a party makes everyone feel special… having an opportunity to speak to the host (via comments and responses), even better!

  1. We All Love to Learn

We know that social media channels are a way to promote business through connection and benefit to the consumer. Successful brands utilize tweets and posts to educate consumers in ways that make them feel more “cared for” and less “sold.” The community blog of Whole Foods is a perfect example, with tested recipes, health tips for kids and spotlights on new local vendors. Use this same, “educate the consumer” technique with video, and you can’t lose! Host an educational live stream that fits your product or service and then repurpose the video on your social media sites for people who missed it or who would like a refresher on the lesson.

Real-time content and real-time responses are creating brand loyalty all around you. Keeping your customers is where the money is…if you haven’t added video to your marketing, we can help. Laika has a non- branded player that is easy to use and will give you 100% control over your message. Check it out at

Video on Demand & Money!

VOD…Easy & Profitable

Some form of social media presence is a must have for any successful business in 2017. How you digitally connect with your customers may vary, depending on who your audience is…but digitally connect you must!

For generations companies hired salespeople to connect with clients and demonstrate products in person. Recruiters worked tirelessly to find charismatic talent; salespeople who could not only capture the customer’s attention but those who could also convey themselves and the companies they represented as trustworthy. These sales super stars were a rare breed and were traditionally paid well for their talents.

Being only human, these sales super heroes did have limitations though. Their best presentations could only get in front of so many clients or customers each week. Even the guys killing themselves working into the evenings and weekends still had a physical number limit of executed presentations. Getting customers engaged in demos and presentations led to sales. Less presentations equaled less sales!

Time machine forward to the age of social and engagement marketing strategies and you now find companies profiting from video on demand. Businesses are keeping the same strategy of getting engaging presentations and product demos in front of their buyers but now; they’re reaching countless more potential buyers. Gone are “the old days” when salespeople were trudging through large geographic territories hoping to grow their customer base. Today’s videos are also retaining continuity and brand message in ways that were impossible to expect from a human being. It’s not likely that Joe Salesguy could give a Monday morning presentation and a Friday late afternoon pitch with the same level of energy and enthusiasm. With VOD you’ve captured the Best presentation and it stays the best, all week, all month, all year…you get the point. You’ve technologically cloned your best salesperson!!

Now for the easy part!

Laika allows you to share a demo or presentation video on your social media sites or from your website… wherever it makes sense for your business. The video player itself is brand-able, so no more YouTube or Facebook labels or off brand landing pages to distract your potential clients.  There are customizable buttons allowing your clientele the choice to view more videos, be directed to another branded digital site and/or purchase your product or service right from Laika!  There is no other streaming/vod software on the market that can offer these extensive features for the same great pricing as Laikasteam.

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Use Laika to Put More $$$ in Your Pocket!

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur you know that every day begins and ends with profit. Two ways to add more to your spreadsheet’s bottom line are generating more revenue and or, cutting back on spending. There are strategies for accomplishing either or both of those with live streaming and video-on- demand.

Let’s start with ways you can make money:

  1. Teach or Host a Class

Image result for copyright free class

You can create and sell a “How To” course on just about any subject. Cooking, knitting, real estate, personal growth and development, how to fly a drone…you name it. While you are reading this, there is an online class being offered on almost any subject you can imagine and the smart cookie who took the initiative to offer it, is collecting the dough! Udemy, an industry leader, offers 45,000 classes with over 15 million learners. In 2016 Forbes magazine touted the Ed Tech industry as raking in 107 billion dollars. You know you want a piece of that! The Laika platform can help you easily and affordably translate your individual talent into a money making venture. Create and market the content and thirsty learners will come!

  1. Sporting Events

Image result for copyright free sporting event

Everyone knows that big name boxers make millions of dollars via pay per view. Using the same concept, your minor league sports team can generate extra revenue from fans that can’t make the game. Or, what about kid’s sports? It may not equate to millions but what youth sporting organization couldn’t use the extra money that Grandma and Grandpa would pay to watch the game live from their condo in Florida? You could also sell a subscription to the season via video –on- demand for those fans and parents that want to replay the magic moments.

  1. Concerts

Image result for copyright free concert

Just think…you never have to be truly “sold out” again! If you are booking small venues while working toward your big break, monetize and stream the event with Laika. This also gives you a larger geographical marketing reach. You can create brand recognition anywhere because your fans will be able to attend the performance remotely. You can charge the pay per viewers and then also have the video-on-demand option to use clips for your website, social media and other online advertising.

Now for saving money:

  1. Corporate Seminars & Training

Image result for copyright free Corporate meeting

Bringing employees to a conference or training session can be hugely expensive. The cost of airfare, hotels, meals etc., not to mention the dollars lost in productivity because of travel time! Why not bring the event to your people? Save money by live streaming the event and have the option to create a library of video-on – demand training for continuing education and reference.

  1. Free Videos

Image result for copyright free video

You may be at a place in your venture where it makes more sense to offer your service or talent for free. Perhaps you’re growing your social media or blog following, or you are reaching out to other influencers in an attempt to better market your product. Utilizing Laika at this phase in your business development is brilliant and will save you marketing dollars. Recent statistics say that a video on Facebook has 135% more organic reach than a photo. Google says, “Over half of 18 to 34 year old YouTube subscribers would drop what they were doing to watch a new video by their favorite creator.” You don’t just want video for your marketing plan, you need video!

With more than 500 million hours of video being watched on Youtube each day and 87% of online marketers using video…you don’t want to get left behind. Whether your current need is to generate revenue or cut costs (or a combination of both) we can help. Go to and sign up today!