5 Ways to Humanize your Brand with Video

Do you want to build and strengthen the relationship you have with your customers? Marketing with video is your golden ticket. Facebook statistics alone are proof that consumers are paying attention and engaging with brands via video. In the spring of 2015, Facebook Video had 4 billion views per day. By the fall of that same year the number had doubled to 8 billion. Currently the video views have been reported at 32 billion per day and growing; with live streaming video being watched 3 times longer than the recorded version. Whether you incorporate video on demand or live streaming into your marketing strategy, there will be a pay off.

Realizing that video is crucial to your marketing plan you’ll also want a strategy that connects your brand to your consumer in a warm, friendly way. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind as you roll the camera:

  1. People Love to Laugh

For most brands, a little self-deprecating humor goes a long way…especially if you’ve suffered a bad review. Folks who can poke fun at themselves are endearing and many big brands have successfully used this same tactic. Microsoft made fun if its own outdated Internet Explorer, and the community ate it up. Keep things lite and upbeat when conversing with your customers during a live stream and look for opportunities to show the human side of your brand.

  1. Own Your Mistakes

People make mistakes, companies make mistakes…we all make mistakes. Consumers are far more forgiving to brands that show transparency with an offer to make things right. Take that creative solution to a new level with a video. Your customers will appreciate your candor and view you as brave and caring.

  1. Everyone Enjoys a Surprise

With video as a tool there is no reason to let things get stale on your social media channels. Remember when Morton’s Steakhouse surprised Peter Shankman at the airport with a steak? Peter had tweeted that he wished he could get a porterhouse steak at the Newark Airport, tagging Morton’s in the message and playfully asking them if they would deliver. Morton’s grabbed the opportunity and showed up at the airport with a steak! Those fun, out-of-the-box opportunities don’t show up everyday but you can use video to surprise your fans and loyal followers with special offers or timed discounts.

  1. Engage in Conversation

Live stream is the perfect conduit to engage with your client base. Today’s customer wants to be heard and they are showing up in droves to live streaming events. Have a new product launch or company announcement coming up? Live stream and get feed back as a soft launch before the official date. You can also let your audience be present for exciting real-time announcements. Not only will you build momentum through the excitement of a live audience you will also strengthen the loyalty and bond your brand has with its customers. Being invited to a party makes everyone feel special… having an opportunity to speak to the host (via comments and responses), even better!

  1. We All Love to Learn

We know that social media channels are a way to promote business through connection and benefit to the consumer. Successful brands utilize tweets and posts to educate consumers in ways that make them feel more “cared for” and less “sold.” The community blog of Whole Foods is a perfect example, with tested recipes, health tips for kids and spotlights on new local vendors. Use this same, “educate the consumer” technique with video, and you can’t lose! Host an educational live stream that fits your product or service and then repurpose the video on your social media sites for people who missed it or who would like a refresher on the lesson.

Real-time content and real-time responses are creating brand loyalty all around you. Keeping your customers is where the money is…if you haven’t added video to your marketing, we can help. Laika has a non- branded player that is easy to use and will give you 100% control over your message. Check it out at laikastream.com.